Technology developments (push)

The mentioned application areas define a need for a wide range of functionalities that cover the entire optical chain. Table 1 indicates the technological needs per function (detection, emission, transmission, treatment and inter-connection). Technology development is needed to create new advantages and possibilities. The technology push is as important for photonic devices as the market pull because the technology is at the beginning of its life cycle.


An important area of development is connectivity technology. This is characterised by the functional design and the composition of components, the integration level of the solution (functional, hybrid or heterogeneous), the mutual component linking and the performance of the solution (signal speed, size, costs and speed of realisation). Also packaging is an important aspect because it makes up a large part of the costs. In order to stimulate the re-use of solutions and the reliability of systems it is important to stimulate standardisation. Functionality development and performance improvement are leading aspects for new technologies, followed by cost reduction and miniaturisation. It is important to be able to use properties of different materials in varying compositions.


The combination of platforms such as SiON, GaAs, InP, TripleX and SOI offers additional opportunities for technological and performance improvements. A combination of the choice of materials, the production process of components, the design tools to develop and simulate components and the functionality and properties of components determine the resulting final solution quality. These aspects should form a harmonious entity.