Photonic devices increasingly form the core of systems. They fulfil key functions in all kinds of equipment and are enablers for a vast number of applications in various markets. In 2006 about 19% (49 billion euros) of the worldwide turnover of photonic enabled products was accounted for in Europe.

The expectation is that this market will reach a volume of 100 billion euros in Europe in 2015. The world market is then estimated to be 439 billion euros (Photonics in Europe: Economic Impact. European Technology Platform Photonics21, December 2007).

In this international field, the Netherlands, with 150 companies and 25 knowledge institutes, play an active role and represent a top position in the European cluster (Opera 3015).


Based on an initiative by the IOP Photonic Devices a roadmap study was carried out in 2009 by the company Berenschot regarding these developments in the fields of markets, applications in markets as well as demands for the functions of photonic devices. Apart from this, the existing and required technologies were mapped.


Photonic device technologies should fulfil market requirements but the analysis also shows the technological possibilities for photonic devices themselves. The roadmap identifies the arena and provides a starting point for possible new photonic devices.


A large number of people have contributed to the preparation of the roadmap. Following extensive desk-research, the direction of the roadmap was determined by means of a questionnaire which was completed by 70 key players of the photonics community in the Netherlands. Subsequently the outcome was discussed and further investigated in meetings with stakeholders. Finally 2 workshops with 40 participants were organised regarding the pull- en de push characteristics of photonic devices, viewed from a market perspective as well as a technological one. In this way, a good overview of the photonics field was established.


This roadmap study is an important step towards establishing a national point of view as well as a widely supported ambition in the field of photonics, enabling the Netherlands to further excel in this area.