Photonics is becoming a core technology in many fields. In an increasing number of applications, photonic devices determine the operation of a system, usually as embedded components. They replace functions now performed by other technologies such as semiconductors. For present devices a combination with electronics is often necessary, but new technological developments must make it possible to implement the demanded functionality explicitly by photonic devices.


Photonic devices are present in all kinds of applications and are more and more widely applied. Based on the expected growth potential and importance, the demand for photonic devices and the extension of functionality will especially be boosted by the following markets:  medical, water and environment, energy, ICT & communications, home automation & lighting, machine building and defence & security.


In order to manufacture more products in a standardised fashion, the Netherlands need to acquire good manufacturing technologies including packaging technologies. Breakthrough technologies as well as standardisation are a necessity to create a short time-to-market and financial gain. The maximum utilisation of Dutch knowledge combined with an international network should yield best class performance. The integral cooperation within the technological and organisational chain is a requirement for the Netherlands to develop into a world-class player in the field of photonic devices.


The Dutch cluster of more than 150 companies and 25 knowledge institutes has the capability to play a front role in the photonics industry. The strengthening of the photonics ecosystem is not only a necessity but also an opportunity.