Enhanced imaging in turbulent conditions with OKO StillI system

11 January 2012

OKO extends the capabilities of modern imaging systems by introducing a purely software-based system for image stabilization, object tracking, frame integration and multi-frame deconvolution, based on multi-frame processing. It offers an almost real time enhanced imaging through turbulent and wavy media. The system works with live video sequences fed via DirectShow (webcam) interface, or from a CMOS or CCD camera. To get the impression, please watch the recording at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1FXxDWaljQ.

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Fotonica kansen in China

2 January 2012

Onlangs heeft een fact-finding missie naar China plaatsgevonden op het gebied van fotonica in opdracht van Agentschap NL. Deze missie heeft buitengewoon interessante informatie opgeleverd over kansen voor samenwerking en business tussen Nederlandse en Chinese partijen.

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Stirring of light!

24 November 2011

Optimal light absorption with 'stirred' light

Light must be converted into usable energy if it is to be used, for example, in televisions or solar cells. This can be a different colour of light or, in the case of solar cells, electrical energy. Yet how do you do this as efficiently as possible? In a FOM Programme researchers will 'stir' light waves through nanophotonic media to optimise the absorption and processing of light waves. The team is made up of theoretical, experimental and applied researchers from five Dutch universities and the FOM Institute AMOLF.

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Top grants for TU/e and Cobra

31 October 2011

Professors Prof.Ir. Ton Koonen and Prof.Dr.Ir. Meint Smit at the TU Eindhoven have both been awarded an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). This grant – which is meant for senior researchers in Europe – amounts to 2.5 million Euro each. Both researchers are working at the Electrical Engineering faculty and the research school COBRA. Follow this link to the website of the TU/e for the complete press release.

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Call for pre-proposals IOP Photonic Devices

25 October 2011

We would like to bring to your attention that 4.75 million Euro will become available for public-private partnership projects relating to IOP Photonic Devices.

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Machine vision LED lighting for food and packing industry

20 October 2011

TPL Vision develops high power LED illumination for automation applications that use camera vision. Recently TPL Vision has introduced a high power LED bar for use in the food- and packaging industry.

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Avantes moves on!

10 October 2011

Avantes is growing ... which is why they have moved to new facilities!
October 1st Avantes moved to a new state of the art 2700 square meter facility in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The new facility doubles the production capacity and enables significant improvements in the engineering and production capabilities. The new facility enables shorter lead times for customer orders.

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Vision document Photonics Delta

6 October 2011

Creating value in the Dutch HighTech Photonics Delta

Exploiting the Dutch world-class knowledge position in Photonics by realizing the photonics-electronics value chain including commercialisation, will provide a new impulse to our industrial position in high-tech production technology and sustained economic growth.

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Symposium on Photonic Integration

19 September 2011

On Wednesday 9 November TU Eindhoven, ASML, AgentschapNL and STW organise a Symposium on Photonic Integration in Eindhoven. Photonics has been identified by the European Commission as a Key Enabling Technology and within that field Photonic Integration is a rapidly emerging technology.

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