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Intensive Training on Entrepreneurship in Photonics

18 January 2012

To stimulate and support innovative entrepreneurship in the domain of photonics, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel organizes the third edition of its “Intensive Training on Entrepreneurship in Photonics”. The training targets researchers of universities and research institutes, young professionals, employees of photonics-related companies, lawyers, business angels, consultants… and therefore everybody who is involved or interested in entrepreneurship in photonics.

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Enhanced imaging in turbulent conditions with OKO StillI system

11 January 2012

OKO extends the capabilities of modern imaging systems by introducing a purely software-based system for image stabilization, object tracking, frame integration and multi-frame deconvolution, based on multi-frame processing. It offers an almost real time enhanced imaging through turbulent and wavy media. The system works with live video sequences fed via DirectShow (webcam) interface, or from a CMOS or CCD camera. To get the impression, please watch the recording at

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Fotonica kansen in China

2 January 2012

Onlangs heeft een fact-finding missie naar China plaatsgevonden op het gebied van fotonica in opdracht van Agentschap NL. Deze missie heeft buitengewoon interessante informatie opgeleverd over kansen voor samenwerking en business tussen Nederlandse en Chinese partijen.

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