Benno Oderkerk, co-founder & CEO Avantes, joins EPIC board of directors

15 September 2014

Brussels, 9 September 2014: Benno Oderkerk, CEO of Avantes, joins the board of directors of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). Mr. Oderkerk adds to the board his technical expertise in Spectroscopy, a closer link with the Dutch photonics community as he is also a member of the Photonics NL association, and his experience as entrepreneur. “EPIC is an association representing a high percentage of young, small, and innovative companies. Benno’s experience is very representative of our membership and we are glad to have a committed representative from The Netherlands joining our international board of directors” said Carlos Lee, Director General of EPIC.


Photonics is a key enabling technology in the innovative world that we live in. “Photonics support our mission to provide photonic devices that enable us to live longer and healthier and make our planet more sustainable for the future. The use of photonics in health care, lighting, solar energy, agriculture and many more applications is of vital importance. Photonics will be known even better than electronics in the years to come!” comments Benno Oderkerk, CEO of Avantes.


Since 1994 Benno Oderkerk is the co-founder and shareholder of Avantes, a spectroscopy company in the Netherlands with offices in the USA, China and the United Kingdom. Benno Oderkerk obtained his master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at the Twente Technical University in Enschede, the Netherlands in March 1988. He worked from April 1987 until December 1988 at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. Then he started in Munich, Germany at the University of the Bundeswehr in 1989 as a research associate. From autum 1989 until 1994 he worked as a technical Director at STM Sensor Technology Munich, Germany.


Avantes is the world leader in the field of spectroscopy. They develop and manufacture spectrometers, light sources, software, fiber optic cables, and accessories. Avantes' products are highly customizable, adaptable to any specific application, and integrated into even the smallest housings. These products therefore find usage in many OEM applications and markets, as well as in the scientific and industrial world. With 20 years of experience, Avantes continues to produce innovative applications in diverse fields including chemical, solar energy, agriculture, gemology, (bio)medical, semiconductor, light measurement and food processing technology.


EPIC is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics in Europe. We foster a vibrant photonics ecosystem by maintaining a strong network and acting as a catalyst and facilitator for technological and commercial advancement. EPIC publishes market and technology reports, organizes technical workshops and B2B roundtables, coordinates EU funding proposals, advocacy and lobbying, education and training activities, standards and roadmaps, pavilions at exhibitions.



  • Benno Oderkerk, CEO, Avantes (The Netherlands)
  • Bruno Mourey, Vice President Optics and photonics, CEA LETI (France)
  • Drew Nelson, President & CEO, IQE (President of EPIC) (United Kingdom)
  • Hans-Joachim Grallert, Director, Fraunhofer HHI (Germany)
  • Heinz Seyringer, Head of Research Collaborations, Zumtobel Lighting (Austria)
  • Kurt Weingarten, Founder and CTO, Time-Bandwidth / JDSU (Switzerland)
  • Maurizio Zuffada, Director Advanced R&D, STMicroelectronics (Italy)
  • Petteri Uusimaa, CEO, Modulight (Finland)

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