Lambert Instruments Announces the Next Generation of its Time-Resolved Intensified Camera

27 October 2015

Lambert Instruments is proud to announce the next generation of its time-resolved intensified camera. The new TRiCAM is designed for scientific and industrial applications that require low-light imaging. It features a fast sensor, a high-performance image intensifier, and a redesigned aluminum enclosure.

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Lambert Instruments Introduces New High-Speed Cameras

2 July 2015

Lambert Instruments is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of high-speed cameras: The Lambert HS Series. The first cameras in the Lambert HS series feature a fast high-resolution sensor. The Lambert HS540M and the Lambert HS540S offer simple and efficient high-speed imaging for scientific research, R&D, machine vision and other industrial applications.

The Lambert HS540M is a high-speed camera for research applications. It has up to 16 GB of internal storage and is ideal for scientific research and industrial R&D. After recording your data, you can review the results in our software and trim the high-speed video before exporting it to your computer.

The Lambert HS540S is a streaming high-speed camera for industrial applications. It is designed for high-performance tasks like machine vision, quality control and wafer inspection. Instead of saving the images to internal storage, the camera streams high-speed video directly to your computer over a CoaXPress (CXP) interface. And with Power over CXP (PoCXP) the camera can be powered over the CoaXPress channels, removing the need for a dedicated power cable.

Both the Lambert HS540M and the HS540S feature a high-speed CMOS sensor that records full-resolution images (1696 x 1710 pixels) at 540 fps. To increase the framerate, the camera can use a smaller part of the sensor to reduce the image resolution. By doing so, it can deliver framerates of up to 170000 frames per second. Its electronic global shutter and minimum exposure time of 2 us ensure sharp images of fast-moving objects.

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Lambert Instruments Introduces a Time-Domain FLIM Solution for Widefield Fluorescence Microscopes

4 May 2015

Lambert Instruments has introduced a new fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy system: The Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment for Time-Domain imaging. The LIFA-TD offers a turn-key solution for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and is compatible with every widefield fluorescence microscope. From recording the data to calculating the fluorescence lifetime, the entire measurement procedure is automated by advanced software.

The LIFA-TD includes a camera with a built-in image intensifier, which can reduce the exposure time to 3 ns and alter the timing of the exposure in the subnanosecond range. A pulsed laser excites the fluorophores in the sample. By using a laser with a small pulse width, the accuracy of the lifetime measurements is optimized.

Images are recorded with custom software, which also processes the data to determine the fluorescence lifetime. The fluorescence lifetimes are then shown as a colorized overlay on the original image.

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Benno Oderkerk, co-founder & CEO Avantes, joins EPIC board of directors

15 September 2014

Brussels, 9 September 2014: Benno Oderkerk, CEO of Avantes, joins the board of directors of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). Mr. Oderkerk adds to the board his technical expertise in Spectroscopy, a closer link with the Dutch photonics community as he is also a member of the Photonics NL association, and his experience as entrepreneur. “EPIC is an association representing a high percentage of young, small, and innovative companies. Benno’s experience is very representative of our membership and we are glad to have a committed representative from The Netherlands joining our international board of directors” said Carlos Lee, Director General of EPIC.

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Lambert Instruments Introduces the HiCAM Fluo: A High-Speed Fluorescence Camera

2 September 2014

Lambert Instruments announced the HiCAM Fluo: A high-speed camera for fluorescence applications. With its 2.9 megapixel sensor, the HiCAM Fluo can capture 540 frames per second at full resolution in the most challenging low-light conditions. At lower resolutions, it can achieve framerates of up to 5000 fps.

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Avantes’ Beam Splitter, a new option for Customizing your spectrometer setup

6 March 2014

Apeldoorn, 28 February 2014 – Avantes, leading innovator in the field of spectroscopy, now has a nifty add-on providing the possibility of combining 2 light signals into one spectrometer or to split a light signal into 2 spectrometers with the option to switch between channels automatically.

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Uitnodiging seminar: Mens voor de lens

20 January 2014

Op 20 februari 2014 in de middag wordt het jaarlijkse seminar "Mens voor de lens" gehouden over intelligente videomonitoring systemen. Dit jaar staat het seminar in het teken van de mogelijkheden van intelligente camera's in consumentenproducten, zoals smartphones, Google glasses en auto's. Met prominente sprekers vanuit de wetenschap en het bedrijfsleven, onder andere:

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High-Tech Systemen & Materialen (17 – 22 november 2013)

19 August 2013

High-Tech Systemen & Materialen

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Multichannel spectroscopy, for those special occasions

27 June 2013

Avantes' miniature spectrometers are well known for their high resolution in a small package. However, sometimes you want a combination of a broad range with a high resolution and that's where the Avantes Multichannel spectrometers come in handy. Up to 10 spectrometers combined into one housing with the possibility to combine all those into a single output spectrum, use them as master/slave or let them be triggered separately.

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Ocean Optics Launches Powerful New Spectroscopy Software

11 June 2013

OceanView’s customisable interface puts the user in control

Ocean Optics has released OceanView spectroscopy software, combining powerful data processing capabilities with a clear graphical user interface for use with the company’s miniature spectrometers. OceanView is highly customisable and includes a schematic view that provides a visual roadmap of data flow from spectral inputs to processed results.

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