Unitron Group B.V.

Unitron develops and manufactures complete products, such as electronic medical equipment and specific industrial products. This may involve the realization of a completely new concept, but also the modification and optimization of existing products. This, in combination with our experience and business strength, will result in a complete business concept. Unitron is active in several markets throughout the world. A great example of the projects Unitron has worked on is the building of the Differential Pathlenght Spectroscope DPS for Luminostix. The technology of the DPS is patented by the Erasmus Medical Center, and uses white light for measuring optical tissue properties. The system is based on absorption and reflection spectroscopy. The DPS has been tested successfully in the diagnosis of lung cancer, and soon this system will also be used within the Erasmus MC for research into breast cancer.


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Unitron Group B.V.
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