Sumipro submicron lathing BV

Sumipro is your innovative partner in the development of optical components and systems. For a wide variety of applications Sumipro manufactures custom made optical lenses, mirrors, inserts and precision tools made from polymers, silicon, germanium and non-ferro materials like aluminium, nickel, copper etc. You will find our lenses in space, in defense products for night vision, in moulds and in custom made products from all kind of industries and research programs. Sumipro is fully equipped with up to date measurement devices, including a Wyco interferometer and a Talysurf surface inspection system. Sumipro is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


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Sumipro submicron lathing BV
Bedrijvenpark Twente 323
7602 KL Almelo
Phone: +31 546 815 141
Contact: ir. B.H.M. Lubberman

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