Satrax BV

SATRAX aims to become a global leader in providing integrated optical beamforming networks for microwave photonics systems using the benefits of TriPleX™ to satisfy the growing need for bandwidth and capacity in telecommunication. SATRAX proprietary beamforming technology is based on integrated optics and replaces the electronic-based technology for the key element of phased array antenna’s. SATRAX has the opportunity to provide photonics based modules to OEM’s in a suite of applications, including broadband integrated optical beamforming modules for flat tunable directional antennas, in particular the popular Ku- and emerging Ka-band. SATRAX also addresses the market of components for optical-fiber infrastructure which enable high dynamic range photonic links with higher bandwidth, combined with lower energy consumption, smaller size and lower weight.


Satrax beamformer wafer

Satrax BV
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The Netherlands
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Contact: Paul van Dijk

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