Quest Innovations

Quest-Innovations develops and manufactures high quality multi-spectral cameras and dedicated software for advanced imaging applications. The main markets that Quest focuses on are:

  • Medical camera systems able to see tumors, creating more effective surgical tools for cancer surgery
  • Agricultural cameras to improve crop yields
  • Machine vision cameras help to improve customer businesses in numerous ways such print quality inspection, higher level of automation by adding vision or selection of foods.
  • UAV; multi spectral cameras are used more and more in combination with unmanned aerial vehicles for purposes such as early fire detection, pipeline inspection, pollution and security.

Quest-Innovations delivers standard and customized solutions for any application making the invisible, visible from the ultra violet to the far infrared range.


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Quest Innovations
Industrieweg 41
1775 PW Middenmeer
Phone: +31 227 604046
Contact: Richard Meester, Hendrik Jan van Es

  • Developer
  • Manufacturer
  • Application developer
  • Lasers & Light sources
  • Detectors, Cameras & Imaging
  • Biotechnology, Pharma & Agriculture
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Safety & Security (& Defence)
  • Lighting
  • Optical systems