PHOTONIS Netherlands BV

PHOTONIS is a market leader focusing on the design and manufacture of innovative photon, ion and electron sensor technologies for the Industry, Science and Night Vision markets. PHOTONIS products include Image Intensifier Tubes compatible with a broad range of applications. The company also manufactures a wide range of Mass Spectrometry products, including Channeltron® and MAGNUM® Channel Electron Multipliers, TOF-MS, Glass Capillary Arrays and Multi-Channel Plates. PHOTONIS also makes MicroWell Targets; Detectors for RGA, FIB, and SEM applications; Electron Generator Arrays; Power, IMS Drift and Streak Tubes; FieldMaster™ LC-MS Inlet Tubes, Image Intensifier Tubes, Neutron and Gamma Detectors, Hybrid Photo Detectors, Ion Guides, Reflectron Lenses, Glass Coated Wires, and HV Power Supplies.



PHOTONIS Netherlands BV
Dwazziewegen 2
9301 ZR Roden
Phone: +31 50 5018 808
Contact: Rene Glazenborg

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