Perdix Analytical Systems BV

Perdix Analytical Systems BV is developing and producing in-situ particle viewers (ISPV). The ISPV is an advanced optical imaging system for particle analysis. Several probes are available, so we cover both R&D / laboratory, and production applications. Most of our clients are active in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. This high-resolution, rugged system is compact and provides instant information on particle size, geometry, crystal inclusions, and surface properties. For image analysis, dedicated software is available. The ISPV offers new approaches of controlling production processes by in-line measurement of key particle properties. Sampling and off-line inspections, or indirect measurement of process parameters are no longer required. Perdix Analytical Systems is continuously working on product innovation and developing new applications.



Perdix Analytical Systems BV
Tweelingenlaan 63
7324 BK Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 55 534 30 20
Contact: Fred Hugen

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