Notavis Netherlands

Notavis develops customer-specific projects Notavis is a supplier of custom-tailored sensor solutions for industrial image processing. The company provides intelligent cameras, lenses, lighting, software and, if required, specially developed enclosures. These complete packages are designed for one or several specific inspection tasks, e.g. completeness checks, thereby minimizing in-house development effort for users. Unlike system integrators who implement projects for individual applications, Notavis develops suitable cross-sector solutions for series applications. Notavis' clients are mainly OEMs, for instance in the semiconductor industry. Notavis Netherlands is head of the Software & Solutions division. Vision Components GmbH is supplier from Notavis of intelligent cameras and basic software, while Notavis provides the next step, i.e. a complete product for series development. This approach allows us to take our customer service to a new level.



Notavis Netherlands
Rendementsweg 2n
3641 SK Mijdrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 297 241 717
Contact: R. Paffen

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