Molenaar Optics VOF

Molenaar Optics offers innovative support for applications using optical- and opto-mechanical components. For system designs, both standard and custom-made parts are available. Optical components range from simple lenses, mirrors and prisms to complex multi-element laser objectives for material processing or telecentric camera lenses for vision systems. Opto-mechanical components comprise holders for optics as well as manual and motorized positioning systems. Molenaar Optics is further advising and delivering optical measuring instruments, from simple microscopes and modular microscope components to digitally controllable profile projectors and video inspection equipment.



Molenaar Optics VOF
Gerolaan 63A
3707 SH Zeist
Phone: +31 30 695 10 38
Contact: Robert Molenaar

  • Developer
  • Distributor of photonic devices
  • Consultant in photonics
  • Optical components
  • Optical materials & coatings
  • Positioning equipment
  • Environment & Energy (& Space)
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • (Photonics) Research & Education
  • Test & Measurement technology
  • Optical components
  • Optical systems