Lambert Instruments BV

Lambert Instruments is an SME that specializes in intensified CCD/CMOS camera systems, as well as image intensifiers as attachment for several camera systems. Activities include development, production, assembly and sales, serving a global market. There are two main product lines. The FLIM (fluorescence lifetime imaging) line includes the use of modulated intensified cameras in a complete system with light source and software package. These systems are used as attachment to widefield fluorescence microscopes in fundamental biological research and by pharmaceutical companies. As a second product line Lambert Instruments exploits its vast knowledge of fiber optics and image intensifiers for intensified high speed imaging, nanosecond gating and a wide range of customized fiber optically coupled CCD/CMOS cameras including area, line scan and cooled cameras.



Lambert Instruments BV
Leonard Springerlaan 19
9727 KB Groningen
Phone: +31 50 501 84 61
Contact: Jeroen Wehmeijer

  • Developer
  • Manufacturer
  • Application developer
  • Lasers & Light sources
  • Spectroscopy
  • Detectors, Cameras & Imaging
  • Biotechnology, Pharma & Agriculture
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • (Photonics) Research & Education
  • Photonic devices
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