Imago Group Benelux

Imago Group Division Machine Vision and Measurement ( VIM ) Benelux (formerly Aims Optronics) specializes in Machine Vision and Measurement components such as industrial cameras, lighting, lenses, frame grabbers, software, fiber optic sensors etc. Our team (technical support but also our sales department) consists of engineers and technicians with experience in machine vision, image processing and analysis and automation. The company has offices in Brussels and in Waalre-Eindhoven.


Imago group

Imago Group Benelux
Nederlands kantoor:
Van Dijklaan 15s, 5581 WG Waalre
Belgisch kantoor: Hermestraat 6B, 1930 Zaventem
Phone: +31 40 820 03 68 (Vision)
Contact: ing. Mart Mijnsbergen

  • Application developer
  • Distributor of photonic devices
  • Other
  • Lasers & Light sources
  • Fiber optics & Communication
  • Detectors, Cameras & Imaging
  • ICT
  • Biotechnology, Pharma & Agriculture
  • Environment & Energy (& Space)
  • Analysis of devices
  • Test & Measurement technology
  • Optical components