ASM Laser Separation Internation (ALSI) B.V.

ASM Laser Separation Internation (ALSI) B.V., is the inventor of laser dicing and the world's leading provider of laser dicing systems for the semiconductor industry. These systems enable the production of integrated circuits or microchips meeting the electronic consumers demands such as increased functionality, reduced size and cost reduction. The process is based on a unique multi beam laser dicing technology, which has very low thermal impact to the material achieving a very high productivity. Our solutions enable to reduce manufacturing cost significantly and allow to execute semiconductor technology road map to meet Moore's Law. ASM Laser Separation Internation (ALSI) B.V. controls the design, development and manufacturing of advanced laser dicing systems as well as the marketing and servicing of these systems worldwide.


ASM Laser Separation Internation (ALSI) B.V.
Platinawerf 20G
6641 TL Beuningen
Phone: +31 24 678 28 88
Contact: Peter Dijkstra

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