2M Engineering ltd.

2M Engineering is specialized in research, development and industrialization of medical & industrial products. We have expertise in a wide range of optical, imaging and sensing techniques and are experienced in applying these to a broad spectrum of application areas (e.g. petro-chemical industry, telecommunications and medical devices) . We research and develop state of the art optics, lasers and opto-electronics to create practical solutions for real problems. The company, founded in 2004, has partnerships with leading universities and has established strong industrial co-operations with a number of leading (laser) manufacturers to industrialize and manufacture new products in volume.


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2M Engineering ltd.
De Run 4352
5503 LN Veldhoven
Phone: +31 40 298 20 20
Contact: G. Mimnagh

  • Researcher
  • Developer
  • Application developer
  • Lasers & Light sources
  • Fiber optics & Communication
  • Detectors, Cameras & Imaging
  • Biotechnology, Pharma & Agriculture
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Photonic devices
  • Test & Measurement technology
  • Optical systems